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Heritage/Cultural Skills

Our members are prepared to share and pass on the Norwegian knowledge and skills taught to them by past generations. 

  • Want to learn how to make lefse, bake traditional Norwegian Christmas cookies, or other traditional Norwegian dishes (yes, even lutefisk)?
  • Have you admired and wanted to learn Scandinavian craftsmanship such as rosemaling, embroidery, or carving? 
  • Want to celebrate your heritage in song and/or traditional folk dance? 

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, we're the place for you. Our members are anxious to help you learn these skills and more.

Genealogy - Family History

Surprise! Your DNA results arrived and they reveal you are part Scandinavian. Let us help you in your pursuit of finding information about your relatives and learn about the resources and techniques available for exploring your viking roots.

Language and Library

Many of our members are fluent in Norwegian, provide language lessons and interpret family heritage documents and letters.

We have one of the largest Norwegian/Scandinavian library collections in the Southwest consisting of literature (in English and Norwegian), children's books, videos, music CDs, travel guides, Viking lore, and more.


A wide range of educational scholarships are available to members and their children/grandchildren from the National, District and Desert Fjord. In 2018 Desert Fjord awarded (2) $1,000 university scholarships to grandchildren of 2 members. We've also supported students attending Heritage Camp in California and Language Institute in Oslo, Norway. For a copy of the Desert Fjord Scholarship and Grant Requirements and Applications, click on the link below:

For information about Sons of Norway National Scholarship Programs, click on the button below.

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Viking Magazine

Members receive this award-winning monthly magazine that delves into details of modern and historic Norwegian culture as well as special topics related to family, finances, cuisine and travel.

Financial Products

Dedicated to protecting the present and securing futures, Sons of Norway offers a range of sound and competitive financial products to meet members' needs.

  • Advisor Newsletter
  • Free Financial Review
  • Financial Benefits Counselor
  • Insurance Products
  • Annuity Products

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