Sons of Norway
  Desert Fjord Lodge 6-133 Scottsdale, AZ


Sons of Norway International - Minneapolis, MN

Sons of Norway District 6 - AZ CA CO NV NM & HI

Camp Norge - fun for all in the high sierras

Sonsofnorwaysuncityaz - Sun City AZ

Norwegians Worldwide_Nordmanns-Forbundet Norsemen’s Federation Phoenix

Norway: the official site in the United States

The Norway Post - the doorway to Norway (English news from Norway

Travel to Norway - Norway’s official travel site

Ski for Light teaches blind and mobility-impaired adults how to crosscountry ski, while exposing them to the Norwegian heritage of the sport.

Tubfrim, a Norwegian program that collects and sells cancelled postage stamps to raise funds to aid individuals who are handicapped, joined forces with Sons of Norway in 1986. Since then, SON members have donated tens of millions of stamps to Tubfrim.


Norwegian flag